Kis-Kiss is the first & only full service Hookah lounge in Ventura County!

The food is great and  the service is AWESOME! We are also one of the few hookah bars that serve beer, wine and cocktails. We have a full kitchen. A variety of appetizers, delicious burgers, beer soaked hot wings and desserts are included on our menu. We also serve a wide selection of drinks, soda, teas, hot or ice blended coffee drinks, domestic beers, and a large variety of imported beers from all over the world! Red and white wines and everyone's classic favorites in the cocktail department. 

There is a great atmosphere at our restaurant, with a friendly and inviting environment.  We play a great selection of fun upbeat music & music videos. You choose whether you want to sit inside or outside on the patio. On colder nights, outdoor heaters are complimentary. 

 Kis-Kiss Lounge
"Sexy, Sassy, but Classy"
Hookah, Food & Alcohol!
Open Mon-Sat 7pm till 2am
Since 2004

We make our own unique hookah tobacco & serve it to our customers. YES! THAT'S RIGHT!!! WE MAKE OUR OWN HOOKAH TOBACCO!!! Our hookah tobacco is homemade with thicker tobacco and pure flavors which make it last longer than other brands! We pack our tobacco a special way and use ice & lemon slices in the base!

We do not have a dress code or charge on the door, but remember!
"Kis Kiss is inspired by Moscow's velvet rope culture. The Moscow style door policy means fashionable people can come and play"

Address: 3200 E Los Angeles Av Simi Valley CA 93065

Hours: MON-SAT 7pm till 2am
Closed SUN. 

18 & over to enter! 21 & Over To Purchase Alcohol. ID's Required!